Rice Balls, Glorious Rice Balls

Before I continue with the significance of the December 13 Feast for Santa Lucia, let’s talk about the really serious stuff! That is, that Palermitani celebrate the Saint by eating arancine. Arancine (as they are known in Palermo, pictured right; Arancini, if you’re from the east side of Sicily, pictured left), are rice balls filled with either a beef ragu with peas, or butter and prosciutto (both kinds have caciocavallo cheese). Palermitani are serious about their rice balls, and they joyously consume them for Santa Lucia in recognition and remembrance of Sicilians’ answered prayers to the Saint during a wheat famine in the 17th century. Stay tuned for the full story!

Meanwhile, we’ll start with arancine at Cacio e Vino this Sunday, Dec. 9 at our NYC Festa di Santa Lucia. Register and more details at https://experiencesicily.com/events/festa-di-santa-lucia/

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