September 8 Marks A Rebirth

September 8 is considered the birthday of the Blessed Mother by the Catholic Church. As a result, throughout Sicily this week, there are festivals to celebrate the Madonna. It’s not clear why this date was officially chosen as such; however, let’s consider the cycle for cultivating grain — an essential crop for sustaining life in…

Erice: Where Sky and Sea Meet

A visit to Erice (pronounced Air-Ree-Chey) starts at its approach, from a distance. To truly understand Erice’s energy, you must understand its position, as a location in the northwest corner of Sicily and more importantly, as a towering natural lighthouse when arriving from the southwest in a boat where the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas meet.

Photography Tour Of Sicily, Monday Evening, February 13

The Sicilian cart maker’s shop, Ragusa Ibla. Join me and Don Toothaker of Photography in Sicily for a Visual Tour of Sicily on Monday, February 13 at 7pm Eastern online! Register for this complimentary event at And read our February 2023 newsletter at