Ceramic Pinecones In Sicily

Pinecones are a powerful symbol that you’ll see all over Sicily and southern Italy in ceramic (like these shown) on balconies, front gates, and prominently displayed inside homes. The significance of pinecones in modern times is one of hospitality and welcoming, but not only. The pinecone as a botanical is a reproductive organ. Female pinecones…

Saint Joseph’s Bread Loaves

This evening I made my Saint Joseph’s bread for the altar that I will construct for Thursday’s event that Experience Sicily is hosting with GoSicily Sicilian Cooking Experience  and Babylon Mercantile & Cookshop. It’s going to be an outstanding day and evening! I’ve been making bread loaves for San Giuseppe for many years now. And…

This Is Very Sicilian

There is a story here. Yes, it’s a beautiful balcony. But look more closely. There is something else very Sicilian about this. Hmmm… If you guessed the garbage can hanging from the rope dangling from the balcony, you are correct! You will see this phenomenon all over Sicily. Baskets. Buckets. Bags. Yup. It’s a practical…

Celebrate The Women In Your Life

Happy International Women’s Day! Buona Festa della Donna! International Women’s Day is celebrated throughout the world. It recognizes the contributions of women to society, originating in the labor and suffrage movements of the late 19th and 20th centuries. To celebrate today, recognize the women in your life, thanking them for their leadership and service.

Meet Them At The Furnu In Sicily

Zia Maria and Zio Angelo bake the break at the furnu (the oven/bakery, in Sicilian). In the end, in Sicily, it’s about the people you meet and how you felt during those moments of connection. Always, thank you to Pierfilippo Spoto and Val di Kam in Sant’Angelo Muxaro, Agrigento Province for these introductions.