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Conversations On Sicily

Experience Sicily’s Owner/Curator Allison Scola presents Conversations On Sicily, a series of in-depth discussions with our friends and colleagues in Sicily. 

Our mission is to introduce you to our off-the-beaten path Sicily–the region’s hidden corners and uncommon experiences. We aim to inspire your senses through conversations with inviting and knowledgeable locals and experts on Sicily. 

On Sicily with professional guide Rosa Rizza | The Goddesses Demeter and Persephone

One can’t talk about Sicily without considering the ancient myth of the goddesses Demeter and Kore or Persephone. An agricultural society from the time of the ancient Greeks, the 4000-year-old story of mother and daughter and the circle of life helped the leadership of the Sicilian colony establish a new civilization and create a sustainable livelihood from which Sicilians still benefit today.

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On Sicily with historian Jacqueline Alio | Margaret Queen of Sicily

At 31 years old, Margaret of Navarre was the most powerful woman in Europe and the Mediterranean, and she successfully navigated the Kingdom of Sicily from 1166 to 1171, maintaining the progressive constitutional laws her father-in-law, Roger II, had established. Yet until now, historians barely mention her.

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On Sicily with experiential guide Pierfilippo Spoto | Gli Archi di Pasqua, the Arches of Easter in San Biagio Platani

Join Allison Scola, owner of Experience Sicily, and Pierfilippo Spoto, owner of Val di Kam, for a conversation about one of Sicily’s most artistic feasts produced by the citizens of San Biagio Platani in Agrigento Province.

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On Sicily with Caltanissetta native Alice Bifarella | Holy Week in Caltanissetta

Holy Week in Sicily is epic, and the citizens of Caltanissetta, Sicily are serious about their celebration. Join me, Allison Scola owner/curator of Experience Sicily, for a conversation with local, expert guide Alice Bifarella, during which we learn about the beautiful traditions of La Settimana Santa.

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52 Reasons to Love Sicily

Read through our slideshow of 52 Reasons to Love Sicily to spark your interest in visiting this marvelous island.