Client Testimonials for
Experience Sicily

“Everything about Secret Sicily was wonderful! It was especially great living like a local. People were really kind! Allison’s very close ties with, it seems, everyone in Sicily made it absolutely seem as though we lived there. All of our day trips were, again, local places. When we went to restaurants they were where all the local people went. You never feel like a tourist. Because of Allison. Her team is incredible! It was a magical trip!”

~ Susan, New York | Secret Sicily 2023

“If you’re planning to visit Sicily and are looking for a tour operator with experience, extensive knowledge and passion for her mother country. You have come to the right place. We have traveled extensively over the years and worked with some of the best travel tour operators. Allison of Experience Sicily is at the top of the list. We just returned from an amazing trip and its because of Allison and her expertise that it was a trip that will remain in our memory as one of our best. We ate great food, swam in the Mediterranean and Ionian seas, visited ancient cities, sampled Sicilian wines, learned to make pasta and a had a history lesson along the way. Allison, not only has a love of Sicily, but her extensive knowledge of this beautiful island and her attention to every little detail, made us feel like family.
Learning the history of this island has given us a deeper appreciation of its people and our family’s heritage. I would highly recommend , that if you are planning a trip to Sicily and want to learn about its people, its culture and its history, you travel with Allison. No one will give the the experiences that she will. ”

~ Andrew and Lila, Connecticut | Secret Sicily 2023

“The trip to Sicily was more than met my expectations. I loved all the varied experiences. We all had a fabulous time, and I’ve been singing your praises since we’ve returned. It was indeed a true pleasure. ”

~ Sharma, Florida | Enchanting Sicily 2023

“We thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Experience Sicily. We had two of the best guides imaginable with Giuseppe and Valeria. They not only connected me with the ambiance of the past generations of my family, but also brought alive the sights, sounds and especially tastes of my Sicilian ancestors. Bravissimo!”

~ Mark, Louisiana | April 2023

Secret Sicily was a wonderful learning experience, fun, adventurous and inspiring. And so carefree since you did all the work! Balance of group time and alone time was perfect. I especially appreciate how you took care of each person’s special needs (such as mine). The selected tour guides were well informed and responsive to all our questions — an engaging and pleasurable time. I liked that Licodea Eubea was ‘our home.’ The people were so friendly and helpful. I will never forget the little old lady in black (my angel) who showed me the way to mass. I was so full of Sicily I couldn’t eat all the wonderful food I saw. This is the life! I could rave on…Thank you for sharing yourself singing, dancing, and playing the drum. The love you have for this place makes me want to do the same. Grazie e benedizioni!”

~ Esther, Connecticut | Secret Sicily 2022

“Allison, your commitment to give your clients the most for their money is inspiring. Also, your small group format helps create a bond within the group. Eileen and I often refer to our fellow travelers by first name and feel a close bond with them. We’re looking forward to seeing Deb and Ed in December while they’re visiting the Asheville area. Right now, we don’t have any future travel plans, but Sicily will always be a consideration. We loved our trip with you.

~ Ed, North Carolina | Enchanting Sicily 2022


“Every personal guide Allison arranged was, without exception, incredibly knowledgeable, personable, warm, and professional. Spending 5-6 hours with Jaqueline, and then Salvo the next day, were particular treats as they openly told us about their personal lives in ways that enriched our understanding of current life in Sicily. We learned so MUCH about the history, intermixing of cultures, food, art, and architecture from all the civilizations that inhabited Sicily over millennia. It was endlessly fascinating! Many thanks to Allison and Evelina for all their flawless planning of our unforgettable trip!”

~ Eileen and Danny, Texas | May 2022

“The Photography tour of Sicily with Experience Sicily exceeded my expectations. Allison and her team carefully planned the trip to provide a wide view of “real” Sicily, giving us the opportunity to see and photograph things that very few tourists even know about. Every day was new and different; all of them were well-paced to give us time to photograph as a group and on our own. I learned about Sicily, I learned about photography, and I learned about myself: that’s a combination that is outstanding and memorable.”

~ Melinda, Texas | Photography in Sicily Small Group Tour 2022

“I felt like I got to know the local people and culture. We were off the beaten path and away from all the tourists. The local guides were knowledgeable and friendly. I felt like they were part of our group, not just someone leading a tour. The places we ate were wonderful! The food was delicious!”

~ Kathy, Massachusetts | Photography in Sicily Small Group Tour 2022

“Everything was amazing! Staying at the farm house in the village outside of Caccamo was the most relaxing and beautiful place with the best scenery. The locals prepared an authentic Sicilian dinner for us. The professional photographer that Allison hired took us all over the breathtaking public gardens and the medieval town. The memories formed on this trip were etched in stone for my wife and I on our 15th anniversary and we couldn’t of done it with out Allison and Experience Sicily. Absolutely the most un-forgettable surprise trip for my wife, planned to a “T” by Allison and her team.”

~ Trey, Louisiana | April 2022


“The trip was well curated and organized to perfection. I could never wait to get going each morning. We were taken to many off-the-beaten-track sites. Everyone involved with Allison’s tour was knowledgeable, fun and seemed happy to be joining our trip. It was fabulous being in our small group … no giant buses, no meal craziness due to big numbers to be served, lovely accommodations with speedy check in and luggage delivery. It was worth every cent!”

~ Judith, New Mexico | Spring in Sicily Small Group Tour 2022


“I believe the fact that I have been on four of Allison’s trips speaks for itself. She takes care of everything. She takes care of you! I don’t know how she does it. But she makes you feel safe while learning and seeing and eating the most wonderful things!”

~ Susan, Virginia | Spring in Sicily Small Group Tour 2022


“I was lucky enough to find Experience Sicily in the early stages planning our trip. From the first phone call with Allison, I knew she was going to be a tremendous help and asset for us. She was very helpful and engaged in all the planning. The final itinerary was so comprehensive–it hit all the experiences we had discussed and more! Her attention to detail was impeccable. The trip itself was amazing and exceeded our already lofty expectations.

“Allison and Evelina were available 24/7 throughout the trip, assisting us with on the fly changes, recommendations, and adapting to anything we needed while there. They really went above and beyond! We were very impressed with everything we did, every driver we had, and the tour guides were just incredible. The contacts and knowledge they have in Sicily is very obvious the entire time. I strongly recommend Experience Sicily to anyone visiting that amazing place. They really did make it the trip of a lifetime.”

~ Ben, Mississippi | December 2021


“Experience Sicily is a perfect way to see the way real Sicilians live. The places we visit and the way Allison sets up the tour, one never feels like a tourist!”

~ Susan, Arlington, Virginia | October 2021


“I have traveled all over the world and used many private guides in search of authentic local experiences wherever I go. Without a doubt, Allison is the best guide and tour leader that I have ever met. Her itinerary is curated to perfection. We saw all the important historic and cultural sites with wonderful local guides who brought the places to life. We also had many authentic interactions with locals off the beaten path. These experiences were the highlight of the trip. And along the way, Allison shared her vast knowledge and passionate love of Sicily with us. We can’t wait to visit again!”

~ Teresa, New Jersey | October 2021

“I want to thank you again for the advice you gave me addressing all the concerns I had with our trip to Sicily in July. I truly took everything you said in making my YES decision to go, and it was a decision and experience I will never forget.

“As you know I was nervous prior to leaving because of COVID, but everything went well as you told me it would. What a magnificent place with such wonderful people and the most delicious food. Everywhere we went was just amazing.”

~ Patti, New York | July 2021

“I highly recommend Experience Sicily for creating a wonderful tour of the film set locations of Camilleri’s internationally acclaimed fictional detective, Inspector Montalbano. The fulsome itinerary included viewing the interior of the ‘Vigata police station’ at Scicli, with the highlight of the day being a walk along Punta Secca beach outside Montalbano’s house. Damiano was my knowledgeable and charming chauffeur and guide, his professionalism ensuring that the whole day offered up a joyous kaleidoscope of memories of Sicily – Thank you Allison!”

~ Lindsay, West Sussex, U.K. | October 2021

“I have done two New York Times cooking classes–one with Alice Waters and one with Giada de Laurentis, and Allison and Annalisa were better prepared with pre-class information and online instruction and passion. They are both incredible women who are eager to share the true Sicilian experience and joy! Please count us in for any future cooking classes!”

~ Joan, Coatesville, Pennsylvania | October 2020

“Experience Sicily made our trip to Sicily perfect They took care of every detail. Every guide and adventure was simply spectacular. We can’t wait to plan another trip with them. Thank you so much for helping to make our trip so special.”

~ Carol, Dobbs Ferry, New York | February 2020

“Experience Sicily is professional and well linked to wonderful providers in Sicily. Every step of the way, we were supported and our sometimes difficult requests were cheerfully and competently addressed. They responded flexibly when our plans changed mid-trip. The travel app they use is really terrific.”

~ Laura, Mt. Kisco, New York | February 2020

“Meeting our family and our heritage exploration in Palazzolo Acreide with Rosa enabled us to connect to our family’s roots in a way we could not have imagined. We were able to visit the family-related sites we had hoped to see and meet our living relatives. The experience was life-changing.”

~ Tony, Tarrytown, New York | February 2020

“Allison’s passion for Sicily — its people, its complex history, and its traditions and culture — permeates every aspect of this tour, which introduces her groups to aspects of the island that most travelers would never see or experience. The great care taken with every aspect of the travel experience is exemplary, and Allison’s ability to flex and adapt with aplomb when something unexpected occurs is a great testimony to her skill, care, and integrity as a tour leader. The local resources woven into the itinerary, from chefs, artists and craftspeople to expert local guides, greatly enrich the experience. This was no ordinary group tour! It was an exquisitely curated travel and cultural adventure.”

~ Peter from Marblehead, MA | May 2019

“I was so lucky to experience one of Allison Scola’s Sicilian tours this past summer. In July, I traveled with Experience Sicily on their “Live like a Local” tour. I preface my praise of this fantastic trip by saying that I have traveled around the world and almost always on my own. This was my first group/curated trip. I was skeptical, I am more of the backpacker in Southeast Asia kind of traveler; but I have to say, every moment of Allison’s tour was wonderful. Each day we explored another beautiful town, another local cooking tradition, or natural wonder. The people of Licodia Eubea were warm and welcoming. Their saint’s celebration that was happening when we were there, was fascinating and fun. Allison paired us on all our tours with local experts (usually with a related PhD!) and she is a true “foodie”! We ate meal after meal more delicious than the last. I’d travel with Experience Sicily again in a heartbeat (and will!). Her tours are a unique opportunity that I highly recommend.”

~ Carolyn from New York City, NY | July 2019

“I am well-traveled, and I think that Allison has a gift. She sets herself apart by sharing her passion and experiencing the culture as if for the first time with us. I have already told so many people that it was the most amazing experience! I am planning to attend another trip in the future and want my husband to share it with me.”

~Allie from Lebanon, NJ | May 2019

“Experience Sicily exceeded our expectations. Not only did they layout a GREAT vacation for us, but they were always there when we needed them while we were in Sicily…24/7. They worry about the details, and we had peace of mind the whole time and could focus on the beautiful country and people that Sicily offers.

“The guides are THE BEST around. You get to enjoy the fruits without worrying about the logistics. You also get insight into the best spots to see to meet your interests. You are given opportunities to see the hidden treasures of Sicily that most people don’t even know about.”

~ Bruce from Murrieta, California | October 2019

“Grazie to Allison Scola and the entire Experience Sicily team for my unforgettable first trip to this fascinating and beautiful place. This was the perfect way to tour Sicily…in a small group, with an itinerary curated by travel pros who know the history and love the culture of this fascinating place. Every aspect of the trip was flawless: seamless logistics, luxurious and centrally located hotels, expert and entertaining local guides, and exquisite meals at intimate restaurants that most tourists never see. I’m looking forward to working with Allison to plan my next visit to Sicily.”

~ Teri from Las Vegas, Nevada | May 2018

“Allison and team thoroughly mapped out every aspect of the trip. The whole thing felt very tailored to us and our interests and not generic in any way. We felt truly heard.  Further, they clearly have extensive and detailed understanding of Sicily with a tremendous variety of excellent recommendations. They are sensitive to the needs of their clients and helpful at every step of the process. The team was also friendly, kind and thoughtful – I would recommend their services to anyone of any age who is planning a trip to Sicily.”

~ Michael from New York City | August 2018

“Experience Sicily helped us tremendously in planning and arranging transportation to Sciacca from Palermo Airport. Additionally, Allison gave us a great suggestion re[garding] hotel in Sciacca. Our guide Felina was wonderful. Allison was very thorough and accommodated both my “to do” list and my cousin’s  Best to spend at least 3 or 4 days in Sciacca. Unfortunately we had only planned a day. Sciacca is a beautiful, warm village. Hope to go back and spend more time there next trip.”

~Charlotte from Pennsylvania | April 2019

“Experience Sicily put together a beautiful experience that is up there as one of our best trips ever. We have traveled Europe many times, however; with Allison and Evelina’s knowledge and experience, it took it to totally different level of enjoyment. Every step of the way was magical. All we needed to do was discuss our ideas and time frame and they did it all, much better than we ever could have. With so many exciting things in the mix. It was enriching and life changing.”

~ Susan and John from New York City | September 2017

“My trip to Sicily was nothing short of amazing, wow! An added dimension that enhanced my delight, was our wonderful spiritual guide, Tony Allicino! His ability to introduce us to the sacredness of Sicily experientially, was profoundly special to me personally. His warm generous heart, and open spirit, provided me and opportunity to feel into the awe and wonder of Sicily, my tour group, and life itself! I can only sum it up with….. WOW!

Thanks to both Allison, and Tony, for a most beautiful experience!”

~ Rachel from New York City, NY | May 2019

“Our itinerary was wonderfully planned. We were able to connect with wonderful guides throughout our trip and experience towns, sites and things we would not have otherwise been able to accomplish on our own.”

~ Patricia from Long Island | June 2019

“Your vacation will leave you with a greater knowledge of Sicily and what it offers. Your tours, hotels and meals are top-notch. You will NOT be disappointed. I left the trip feeling AMAZING and wondering when I could take another tour with Experience Sicily!”

~ Valerie from Commack, NY | May 2019

“Allison and Evelina of Experience Sicily understood the mission of our trip: to research our heritage in Mussomeli and Nicosia. They listened and delivered! We located documents and living relatives and had an experience we will cherish for our lifetimes.”

~ Sue from Illinois | March 2018

“If you want a true and personal experience in Sicily, meeting and interacting with the locals, I strongly recommend Experience Sicily as your guide!! We visited places off the map where English was not spoken, but people were friendly and through a few words and hand gestures we were understood. Everyone involved had a chuckle. It was a true immersion in the Sicilian culture.”

~ Elizabeth from Reamstown, Pennsylvania | September 2018

“Allison has an excellent breadth of knowledge of the history of Sicily, its people, cuisine and sights. She even does thorough research down to which rest stops are appropriate! This attention to detail and her affection for Sicily made our trip feel personal and genuine. We were able to relax and enjoy ourselves, knowing she was always prepared for each excursion.”

~ Monica from Ho-Ho-kus, New Jersey | September 2017

“I think the thorough knowledge and personal connection of Allison Scola to Sicily are evident. She is eager to introduce you to the history, the natural beauty and the people of the enchanting island.”

~ Gilda from Englewood, New Jersey | July 2019

“Thank you thank you thank you for all that you did to make our Sicily experience so perfect.  The agenda and flow of trip was perfect.  Most everyone who knew you, mentioned you were due in within days with a new group.  We’re only hoping they had half as good a time as we did. We are forever grateful.”

~ Sheree from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Friendly, fun, professional, and well curated tour offering quality accommodations and delicious food experiences plus a diversity of activities that includes the ‘best of Sicily’ destinations and, this is what makes Experience Sicily very special, those that are excitingly unique, distinctive, uncommon, and off the grid.”

~ Tony from New York, New York | May 2018

“The most memorable experience of my trip were my cooking lessons–but not because of the cooking. The women I met with were wonderful human beings. We laughed, we cried, we confided in one another. I went to cook and eat but I did so much more. I found a connection with them that is truly invaluable.”

~ Josephine from Brooklyn, NY | August 2018

“The trip was very well planned. Our trip leader Allison was a delight – knowledgeable, patient, and professional. The pace was good. We traveled a fair amount, but that was necessary to get the most out of our trip. The van was comfortable and just the right size for our group. The accommodations were each very different – attractive, comfortable and clean. The week’s bus driver and the tour guides were all outstanding. We loved Sicily – so many historic and interesting places to see, the countryside was beautiful, the food was authentic and delicious, and the people friendly.”

~ Elizabeth from Boston, MA | May 2018

“Experience Sicily was VERY thorough in ‘interviewing’ both of us to learn of our wishes and desires for our much anticipated journey. SO much information was offered to us in selecting our own agenda, historical visits and hotels. The final travel packet included extensive information in making our trip stress free, and the drivers provided us great comfort in traveling around beautiful Sicily.  We  savored a fabulous adventure.”

~ Carol and Benjie from Charlotte, North Carolina | October 2017

“My wife and I went to Sicily last year with Experience Sicily and came home with fond memories, new friendships (we even had a reunion this past May!), and a deeper appreciation of authentic Italian cuisine.  All those things, coupled with our travel leader’s intimate knowledge of the country and its people, made the trip unforgettable.”

~ Lou from East Earl, Pennsylvania | September 2016

It is difficult to pick just one [memorable] event [of the tour], but I did enjoy the day we went to the park and had the cookout. The whole experience of going into town to the butcher to get the sausage and then spending the afternoon outdoors with the group getting the meal prepared was wonderful. Everyone in our group was so nice and a pleasure to be around. I felt like I was with family.

~ Linda from Madison, New Jersey | September 2019

“I don’t think our trip could have been improved upon – except if we could have made it even longer as it was so much fun and so educational. It was all that I could ask for in the designated time frame. The warmth of the locals, the great food, amazing historical sites, the great tour manager [Allison], and camaraderie of the group were incredible. Molto grazie per tutti.”

~ Cynthia from New York, NY | May 2018

“My most memorable (and lucky) experience [of our Sicily trip] was finding Allison and Experience Sicily. I usually research, plan and organize our international trips. It was heaven to work with Allison, who listened to my husband and I and totally “got” us. The suggestions Allison made were exactly right: hotels, restaurants, activities, rental car insurance and guides. And then Allison booked and organized everything for us. Our room in Ortigia, Siracusa had a terrace overlooking the water. [The agriturismo in the countryside] was delightful. We had 4th row center seats for The Phoenician Women by Euripides at the outdoor Greek theater in Siracusa; a spectacular evening I will remember always. Allison even provided addresses for parking garages. Her travel trips were extremely helpful. Do you see why working with Allison was my most memorable experience? Allison created a trip we will remember for a lifetime and all I did was relax and enjoy myself with my husband.”

~ Gerilyn from Larchmont, NY | May 2017

“A  thoughtfully curated and executed tour. It was an amazing introduction to Sicily as it is today, as well as the history and living culture of the island. Allison fine tuned and tweaked the experiences during our tour which enhanced our trip greatly, our comfort and enjoyment of Paramount importance. I can’t say enough good things about this trip. This is what travel is about.”

~ Marietta from Cranford, NJ | July 2019

“Absolutely loved this trip! Allison and the Experience Sicily team are professional and accommodating. A pleasure to deal with, capable and detail-oriented while keeping the goal of the trip in focus. Loved all the added cultural moments that came up along the way. Brava!!!!”

~ Lisa from Mahwah, New Jersey | July 2017

“We loved our day tour of Agrigento and the small village nearby where we got to experience bread making, cheese making as well as see a great beach and a contemporary art museum. Our guide that day was terrific and the sites were wonderful—totally unique! I would recommend Experience Sicily to my friends and family because of the responsiveness, personalized service, and deep understanding of Sicily—the guides, distances, hotels, and excursions.”

 ~ Andrew from Greenwich, Connecticut | July 2017

“I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and suggestions for our trip. We had a fantastic time in Sicily. The recommendations of where to go were all beautiful. The hotels were amazing. People were so friendly and helpful. The food was awesome. It’s hard to be back. Driving in the fiat 500 which I was initially nervous, but it turned out to be a blast. I have recommended your services to several of my clients.

~ Dave from Weston, Conn | October 2018

“Allison and her team did an outstanding job. The trip was complete in all respects. [My most memorable experience was seeing] the total enjoyment of the entire family of 18–seeing everyone involved and engaged. The local guides were outstanding.”

 ~ Tom from Norwood, New Jersey | July 2017

“Having Allison and Evelina at Experience Sicily arrange our trip to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands was a smart decision. Travelling off the beaten path can be difficult so having two knowledgeable professionals with direct contacts in the places we planned to travel was priceless. The itinerary, including hotels and restaurants, was to our liking, the service and care we received was exceptional. There is no question that we will highly recommend Experience Sicily to everyone!!”

~ Donna and Sidney from Chestnut Ridge, NY | May 2017

“I recommend Experience Sicily because of the personal attention, attention to detail and ease of use! Great connections and knowledge of the island–you saved us a lot of work and provided unique experiences that we could not have found ourselves. For example, the play in the Greek Theater in Siracusa was a highlight! Thank you for finding it–we thoroughly enjoyed it and got to feel like one of the locals. Sicily’s version of Shakespeare in the Park–a real treat.

Experience Sicily responded to our interests and desires and planned a unique itinerary that delighted us. It was over and above, particularly evidenced by the written guide provided up front. That was incredibly useful!”

~ Wendee from Allendale, NJ (Traveled with her husband and 22-year-old daughter) | June 2017

It was a delight working with Allison on our family trip to Sicily in March 2017. We met with her and she asked not only about what we thought we wanted to see, but also about each member of our family. She designed a perfect trip–one that was sensitive to our family dynamics and geared to the interests of all members of our family (even my grumpy teenage son). My only other experience of working with a travel professional was not good as that person seemed to equate in every case cost with quality. Allison recommended great hotels and restaurants and they didn’t break the bank. Every splurge she said was worth it WAS worth it. Every tour guide we hired—on Allison’s recommendation–had so much information and energy, they added to the experience in really meaningful ways.”

~ Betsy from Hastings on Hudson, New York | March 2017

“I have never done a tour before, always travel on my own at my own pace. The care and experience that Allison gave us as a group and individually was priceless. I have already told friends about how thrilled I was to be able to meet and experience places and people that I would never have on my own.

~ Susan from Shelter Island, NY | May 2019

“Throughout our trip to the Amalfi Coast, we could feel Allison’s terrific attention to each and every detail…as if she were there with us handling everything personally.  We were constantly saying “Allison hit it out of the park on this one….”

~ Sharon from Lititz, Pennsylvania | September 2016

“The Sicilian people we got to meet were so friendly and so proud of their heritage. They were so accommodating and welcoming to help us and show us around their city, town, or farm. They truly made you feel like they you were part of their family from out of town coming to visit. That is why we loved Sicily. We want to go back again. We were so amazed at how much they have influenced our lives here back in the States. We think of Sicily almost every day.”

~ Kelly from Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania | September 2018

“Allison led us to a fantastic agriturismo place in Cammarata called Casalicchio. It was in the mountains surrounding Cammarata and it was picture perfect. The rooms were very clean, the views were straight out of a painting and the food was some of the best we’ve ever had. In fact, our most memorable activity on our trip was eating a four hour meal at this agriturismo. There was no menu and food and wine just kept showing up. It was by far one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

“I would recommend Experience Sicily to my friends and family because of the professionalism of the way Allison handled our trip and the knowledge she has of Sicily.”

~ Dave and Julia from New York City | August 2016

“The positive attitudes and the attention to detail of Allison and her cousins Evelina and Filippo who live there were wonderful. Not a stone was left unturned to ensure that the participants would have a high quality experience.”

~ Barbara from New Haven, Connecticut | September 2014

“I would recommend Experience Sicily to my friends and family because it was a well planned trip with unique activities, great lodging choices, wonderful meals, fun companions, and excellent tour staff.”

~ Eileen and Tony from Brooklyn, New York | September 2016

“Experience Sicily planned a trip that was exactly what we wanted.”

~ Mariann from Chicago, Illinois | April 2018

“With very short lead time the Experience Sicily team arranged an unforgettable adventure for us at the height of the Easter Season that included unique Sicilian celebrations we would not have been able to participate in without their help.”

~ Karen from Lontana, Florida | March 2015

We have been blessed with several opportunities to travel much of Italy and Sicily over the past years. This latest experience in Sicily took us deeper into the Sicilian culture, history, people and food then we have ever experienced. Everyone that we came in contact with was incredibly kind and informative about the areas they were either explaining or, showing us. Many thanks to Allison and Nino for a great trip. I can’t wait to start planning our next trip with Experience Sicily.

~ Bill from Lancaster, Penn. | September 2019

“Discussing organized crime in Italy with two judges at Allison’s cousins’ home in Palermo was a unique experience I wouldn’t have had without Experience Sicily’s thoughtful programming.”

~ Guy from New York City | October 2015

“Experience Sicily tailors its itineraries to the needs and desires of the traveler. Each day reflected my wishes and wants. All arrangements for my trip were made by Experience Sicily–recommending each step from beginning to end based on a long experience in the area.”

~ Anthony from New York City | June 2015

“I loved this entire trip! Everything was wonderful and amazing. My own personal needs were met. I had the best time ever!”

~ Rachel from New York City | May 2019

“If you want a trip to Sicily that encompasses the must see major attractions as well as the off the beaten track amazing experiences that make your trip the journey you dreamed of, contact Allison. I did and am so grateful I did.”

~ Eileen from New York City | September 2014

“The combination of culture, food, music, sightseeing, religious sights, and camaraderie is wonderful. It is a unique way to see this beautiful island and experience its people and culture. Our guide and driver were the best team I can imagine.”

~ Carol from Chicago, Illinois | October 2015

“The tour offered many opportunities to interact with Sicilians. This was very important to us, as we don’t like to visit as a tourist and remain isolated with Americans. The excellent guides selected by Experience Sicily made our trip memorable. Most were fluent in English, and excited about the site they were guiding us through. We loved the Targa Florio museum as we stayed as long as the guys wanted to, and spoke with everyone there! Experience Sicily researched all of the information about the Museum to insure a lovely visit. The entire island of Sicily is just an extraordinary place to visit and soak up the culture, the food, and the atmosphere.”

~ Bob from Mercer Island, WA | May 2018

“Experience Sicily tastefully planned a trip that accommodated all of our interests. Great pacing allowed for us to tour and to have days to rest. Wonderful hotels and delightful time spent with local Sicilians and Italians. Their planning and customer service was of the highest quality.”

~ Carin from Staten Island, New York | May 2016

Allison’s passion and knowledge of Sicily goes above and beyond. I definitely would take another trip with her!!

~ Teri from Florham Park, New Jersey | September 2019

“We were able to experience different things that we never would’ve known about on our own. [Experience Sicily and its local hosts] seemed to genuinely care about our trip and made it more personable. I would definitely recommend Experience Sicily to my family and friends. Grazie mille, it was a wonderful trip!”

~ Patrick from Milwaukee, Wisconsin  | May 2016

“I thoroughly enjoyed the trip I took with Experience Sicily. We saw so many beautiful towns and met many locals that we really did get an good idea of life in this beautiful country. Our tour guide Alison was so engaging and made each on of us feel comfortable and accepted. Our bus driver Massimo was also so nice, engaging and we felt safe and secure and he was very capable of managing the bus over many types of terrain.”

~Rose from Scotch Plains, New Jersey | July 2019

“Allison was very helpful and accommodating under all circumstances. We are very happy that we went on this tour. It was a wonderful journey.”

~ Mimi from Staten Island, New York | October 2015

“The [tour] itinerary is nicely off beat. The hotels and food are 1st rate. The locations attract seasoned traveler who add to the ambiance.”

~Eric from Brooklyn, New York | May 2019

“My most memorable experience was the religious ceremony at Porticello. The outpouring of people’s faith, and the sense of such a strong belief in something resonated with my childhood experiences of these things, and it was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.”

~ Norman from New York City | October 2015

“Our trip to Sicily exceeded every expectation. The hotels, restaurants, and immersive experiences permitted us to see the world through the eyes of Sicilians and truly experience a unique perspective.  Budgets are set by the travelers and special needs, requests, and options realized……….Sicily is the road less traveled. Experience Sicily will give you a personalized road map.  Grazie! ”

~ Milan and Tammy from Ada, Michigan | July 2015

“Allison’s knowledge of Sicily was a true asset to our families. We felt we received a beautiful, authentic experience that we wouldn’t have gotten with any other tour company. Her team of people went above and beyond to make our journey memorable. The itinerary is so detailed and planned that you never felt you were missing out on anything. We also ate at some of the best restaurants that we would not have known about on our own. She was right to tell us to stay away from tourist traps. Visiting places that are off the beat and path are where memories are made.”

~Theresa from Nutley, NJ | July 2019

“You’re a gem, Allison!

“Allison knows Sicily well and worked with us to coordinate three separate agendas within our party. Our family vacations are typically strained by the different individual needs. Allison handled all of that expertly. This was by far our best family vacation. We can’t wait for our next trip to Sicily!”

~ Bridget from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania |May 2016

“There was no waiting on line for admission to various sights. We were not in the midst of crowds. Driver and guide (Allison) were available and responsive to any concerns. Getting into hotels and handling luggage was seamless. There was very little or no waiting time.”

~ Anne from New York City  |October 2015

“Our information packet was outstanding. Everything we could possible need was included, even the arrangements we made ourselves such as the air travel and Rome hotel. Not only was it our ‘bible’ during the trip, it will be a valuable keepsake to remind us of everything we did.”

~ A Couple from Chicago, Illinois  |January 2018

“Experience Sicily’s design services offered something extra that I could not have planned on my own.”

~ Bruce and Karyn from New York City |January 2016

“We appreciated the personal and professional guidance of Experience Sicily and their efforts to make this visit personally meaningful and suited to our interests. This was not an ordinary tour. We really felt like we had an authentic experience of Sicily in all its richness, beauty, and diversity.”

~ Tom and Karen from Huntington Station, New York  |May 2016

My expectations were more than fulfilled by the Stirring Sicily tour. Allison’s ability to plan each day and execute more than a few interesting stops along the way made this an excellent trip. Also her smooth style and response to each individual gave us daily assurance and a predictable agenda. Her singing and dancing and musical talent gave a several memorable moments.

~ Kate from Brooklyn, New York | September 2019

“Experience Sicily offers a unique and remarkable way to tour this beautiful island. The arrangements were perfect and took the stress out of traveling. Our trip exceeded our expectations.”

~ Alice and Larry from New York City |May 2017

“Experience Sicily [hosted] a wonderful tour with a small group of interesting people, knowledgeable guides and food that is so delicious!”

~Josephine from Marshfield, MA | July 2019