Client Testimonials for Experience Sicily

“I would recommend Experience Sicily to my friends and family because it was a well planned trip with unique activities, great lodging choices, wonderful meals, fun companions, and excellent tour staff.”

~Eileen and Tony from Brooklyn, New York

“Throughout our trip to the Amalfi Coast, we could feel Allison’s terrific attention to each and every detail…as if she were there with us handling everything personally.  We were constantly saying “Allison hit it out of the park on this one….”

~Sharon from Lititz, Pennsylvania

“Allison led us to a fantastic agriturismo place in Cammarata called Casalicchio. It was in the mountains surrounding Cammarata and it was picture perfect. The rooms were very clean, the views were straight out of a painting and the food was some of the best we’ve ever had. In fact, our most memorable activity on our trip was eating a four hour meal at this agriturismo. There was no menu and food and wine just kept showing up. It was by far one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

“I would recommend Experience Sicily to my friends and family because of the professionalism of the way Allison handled our trip and the knowledge she has of Sicily.”

~Dave and Julia from New York City

“The positive attitudes and the attention to detail of Allison and her cousins Evelina and Filippo who live there were wonderful. Not a stone was left unturned to ensure that the participants would have a high quality experience.”

~ Barbara from New Haven, Connecticut

“With very short lead time the Experience Sicily team arranged an unforgettable adventure for us at the height of the Easter Season that included unique Sicilian celebrations we would not have been able to participate in without their help.”

~ Karen from Lontana, Florida

“Discussing organized crime in Italy with two judges at Allison’s cousins’ home in Palermo was a unique experience I wouldn’t have had without Experience Sicily’s thoughtful programming.”

 ~ Guy from New York City

“Experience Sicily tailors its itineraries to the needs and desires of the traveler. Each day reflected my wishes and wants. All arrangements for my trip were made by Experience Sicily–recommending each step from beginning to end based on a long experience in the area. Even where to have coffee while waiting for La Dogana (Customs) to open!”

~ Anthony from New York City

“If you want a trip to Sicily that encompasses the must see major attractions as well as the off the beaten track amazing experiences that make your trip the journey you dreamed of, contact Allison. I did and am so grateful I did.”

~ Eileen from New York City

“The combination of culture, food, music, sightseeing, religious sights, and camaraderie is wonderful. It is a unique way to see this beautiful island and experience its people and culture. Our guide and driver were the best team I can imagine.”

~ Carol from Chicago, Illinois

“Experience Sicily tastefully planned a trip that accommodated all of our interests. Great pacing allowed for us to tour and to have days to rest. Wonderful hotels and delightful time spent with local Sicilians and Italians. Their planning and customer service was of the highest quality.”

~ Carin from Staten Island, New York

“We were able to experience different things that we never would’ve known about on our own. [Experience Sicily and its local hosts] seemed to genuinely care about our trip and made it more personable. I would definitely recommend Experience Sicily to my family and friends. Grazie mille, it was a wonderful trip!”

~ Patrick from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Allison was very helpful and accommodating under all circumstances. We are very happy that we went on this tour. It was a wonderful journey.”

~ Mimi from Staten Island, New York

“My most memorable experience was the religious ceremony at Porticello. The outpouring of people’s faith, and the sense of such a strong belief in something resonated with my childhood experiences of these things, and it was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.”

~ Norman from New York City

“Our trip to Sicily exceeded every expectation. The hotels, restaurants, and immersive experiences permitted us to see the world through the eyes of Sicilians and truly experience a unique perspective.  Budgets are set by the travelers and special needs, requests, and options realized……….Sicily is the road less traveled. Experience Sicily will give you a personalized road map.  Grazie! ”

~ Milan and Tammy from Ada, Michigan

“You’re a gem, Allison!

“Allison knows Sicily well and worked with us to coordinate three separate agendas within our party. Our family vacations are typically strained by the different individual needs. Allison handled all of that expertly. This was by far our best family vacation. We can’t wait for our next trip to Sicily!”

~ Bridget from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“There was no waiting on line for admission to various sights. We were not in the midst of crowds. Driver and guide (Allison) were available and responsive to any concerns. Getting into hotels and handling luggage was seamless. There was very little or no waiting time.”

~ Anne from New York City

“Experience Sicily’s design services offered something extra that I could not have planned on my own.”

~ Bruce and Karen from New York City

“We appreciated the personal and professional guidance of Experience Sicily and their efforts to make this visit personally meaningful and suited to our interests. This was not an ordinary tour. We really felt like we had an authentic experience of Sicily in all its richness, beauty, and diversity.”

~ Tom and Karen from Huntington Station, New York