Wearing Sicily

For a unique gift for the Sicilofile in your life, stop here! Gelsomino Imports carries handmade paper jewelry inspired by Sicilian art, landscape, and lights produced by The Foxies. This bracelet is made from the 1154 planisphere of the Mediterranean (specifically Sicily) drawn up by thinker and geographer Muhammad Al-Idrisi (1099–1165). Known as the Tabula…

400 Stations And Counting

My friends Robert and Mary Carey at RMWorldTravel with Robert & Mary Carey and Rudy Maxa are celebrating that their program is now broadcasting on more than 400 radio stations in the United States. That’s pretty neat! Check out the show at https://rmworldtravel.com/ You can also hear it on TuneIn.com. In 2017, when they wanted…

Go To Licodi Eubea

I know which way I’m going! July 13 to 22, I’ll be in Licodia Eubea for Experience Sicily’s small-group, immersive Life In A Remote Sicilian Town tour. Come with me, and we’ll eat gelato with the locals! I take care of all of the details so you can make memories. We’ve got 2 spots left….

Sicily’s Cake: Cassata

There is much debate about the origins of cassata cake, but one thing is clear: it is as elaborate as the Baroque architecture one finds throughout Sicily–and it is as decadent. So much so, that until the mid-20th century, cassata was only eaten by the masses on Easter Sunday. Cassata is made up of sponge…

Get The Glimmer In Sicily

The glimmer in my eyes comes from Sicily! You can have it too when you travel with me this year. We’ve got two spots left on our July tour, and September and October tours are waiting for your registration. Contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com to get the glimmer too! Photo Credit: Chiara Musumeci Fotografia