Tours of Sicily

Our mission at Experience Sicily is to create unique and in-depth tours of Sicily so our guests return home feeling like they not only thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but they also had an unforgettable, profound, and authentic Sicilian cultural experience.

As the U.S. based creator of Experience Sicily, Allison Scola translates and curates unique itineraries for English speakers; however, her cousins–native Sicilians who love their homeland and want to share it with you–really make the experience particular and engaging. We believe that your interaction with the locals and the land will make your trip one you’ll never forget.

Experience Sicily offers the following travel services:

  • Expert-led, boutique-style, small-group tours often created with a theme
    (For example: food and wine, yoga and hiking, feasts and celebrations, art history and architecture, ancient history and cultures, the divine feminine in Sicily, and more)
  • Private, custom-designed itineraries for you and your loved ones, friends, or interest group led by our guides
  • Creatively designed, custom itineraries for independent travelers, small groups, interest groups, and families and navigated by you with our support
  • Professional consultation on an itinerary that you research and reserve

Contact us today to learn how we can help you create a remarkable trip to Sicily!