Frittola In Il Capo Market, Palermo

“Parts unknown” in Il Capo Market, Palermo… Eric and I ate the frittola! How adventuresome are you? What is frittola? You ask? Sicilian street food… And you don’t really know which parts of the animal you are eating…. Let’s explore Palermo’s markets together during Stirring Sicily this September. More at

Stir in Sicily in September

Get your hands in the dough this September 19-26 during Stirring Sicily, our Experience Sicily hands-on cooking in Sicily tour. Full itinerary at Contact me me here or at AllisonScola@experiencesicily.Com for more details.

Cook, Eat, and Explore Sicily In September

During Stirring Sicily, our hands-on cooking in Sicily tour from September 19-26, we’ll delight in a boat excursion to see L’Arco Azzurro (the Blue Arch), pictured here, among other sites, along Sicily’s coast at Capo Zafferano. Join us! Contact me today at to take advantage of a special offer. Let’s cook, eat, savor wine,…

Busiate Pasta Festival in Salemi, Sicily This Weekend

This weekend Sicily is bringing it home! It seems every town has a festival in anticipation of next week’s Ferragosto holiday. For example, the town of Salemi, pictured, will host the Sagra della Busiata, the pasta shape typical of Trapani Province. Throughout the historic center there will be kiosks of different preparations of the corkscrew…

Ancient Restaurant Discovered At Himera, Where We’ll Be Cooking

In yesterday’s La Repubblica Palermo newspaper, an article explained that at the site of the ancient Greek city of Himera, they have discovered the 6th Century B.C.E. remains of a caffetteria-style restaurant. Ovens, stoves, pots, pans, and plates have been excavated. I visited Himera and met the director of the site back in June with…