Cannoli Making Workshop

Cannoli Making Workshop

Let’s Make Cannoli from Scratch! 

When: TBD

Where: Online on Zoom from Your Kitchen or In-Person

Admission: Let’s talk!


For centuries, cannoli have been beloved by the world over. During your online lesson, you’ll learn how to make this timeless pastry from my kitchen to yours! I’m Allison Scola, owner and curator of Experience Sicily and the Cannoli Crawl, and I am obsessed with cannoli.

Making cannoli is a true skill. The best part is once you get the hang of it, you’ll have an instant party pleaser. Your loved ones and guests will be super impressed when you tell them that you *even* made the shells. Forget about “Make Your Own Sundae!” “Decorate Your Own Cannoli” will be the conversation piece of your next festive gathering.

For online classes, you’ll receive the list of the ingredients and materials you’ll need to participate. Please plan to cook with me because then I can answer any questions you may have and by the time we finish, you’ll have fresh cannoli for dessert! Start Planning Now! Cannoli forms (stainless steel or wood), a pasta making machine and/or a rolling pin, and a fine sieve are essential tools for your success. Most gourmet kitchen supply stores will have them, but you may need to order them, so plan time to do that. 

For in-person classes, I’ll bring everything we need to fulfill your cannoli cravings!

While we’re cooking, I’ll tell you fun facts and discuss the culture of cannoli. There is a lot to know about this renowned Sicilian pastry, and I look forward to sharing it with you!

Cannoli Shells Homemade