52 Reasons to Love Sicily | #40. Life-changing Culinary Experiences

Throughout Sicily, you can delight in an explosion of flavors and textures, whether from eating crunchy and gooey arancine (rice balls) in Palermo, spiced sausage made from chestnut-eating black boar of the Nebrodi Mountains, savory pistachio pesto from Bronte, crusty bread from a family-run bakery in Agrigento province, sweet gambero rosso (red shrimp) from Catania and Siracusa’s markets, or my personal favorite, creamy, fresh sheep’s milk ricotta from the rolling hills of Trapani.

Having an opportunity to go directly to the caseificio (dairy) when the famer is making cheese from the morning’s milking — and my favorite, ricotta (re-cooked whey from the cheese, pictured) right out of the cauldron – wow, there is nothing like it! Grab some warm, sesame-laden bread and bring your appetite because you’ll experience something truly remarkable.


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