A Frontier of Art

In spite of the plague of bureaucracy that was perhaps more devastating than the 1968 earthquake itself, fifty years later, the Valle del Belice has emerged as a frontier of contemporary art and architecture in Sicily. The Star of Gibellina, created by artist Pietro Consagra, represents an entryway to the area, and is meant to be a sign of rebirth. The brushed metal structure is one of almost 60 open-air works of art spread throughout Gibellina Nuova and surrounding communities.

People are often surprised to learn that Sicily has a thriving contemporary art scene–and Gibellina is at its center. Museo d’Arte contemporanea Ludovico Corrao has a collection of nearly 2,000 pieces by Italian and foreign artists, and the Fondazione Orestiadi Museo delle Trame Mediterranee features both contemporary art and performances of new music, theater, and performance art. At the site of Gibellina Vecchia, a stunning exhibition of 8,000 square meters of concrete transformed the ruins of the old town. Grande Cretto or il Cretto by Alberto Burri was completed in 2015. The moving monument was 30 years in the making.

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  1. Jocelyn van Heyst says:


    Add places like Gibellina to the proposed itinerary (from Marsala perhaps OR too much in that sector?.

    I was a guide at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney for 19 years !! and another traveller is an artist.


    Jocelyn van Heyst

    1. Yes, it this is an area of interest to you, I say yes! It’s your own unique way of seeing Sicily. We could even have a guide who is an expert in the area meet you to show you the works.

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