Cooking In Agrigento Province | Stirring Sicily, Day 5

Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily Tour | Day 5 We learned and laughed with Annalisa of GoSicily Cooking Experience during an outstanding cooking class, making fresh Cavatelli pasta, chicken cacciatora, and biancomangiare with almonds. Then we stood in awe of Valley of the Temples with our guide Salvatore while the sun lit the magnificent site. Fortunately…

Cannoli In New York City

Highlights from yesterday’s New York City Cannoli Crawl walking, food, and history tour. We started at Caffè Reggio (Pasticceria Rocco is on vacation.) and were swept up in the excitement of the San Gennaro Feast. What a wonderful group of people! We ate outstanding cannoli and remarkable savory foods. We laughed, we enjoyed each other’s…

Stir in Sicily in September

Get your hands in the dough this September 19-26 during Stirring Sicily, our Experience Sicily hands-on cooking in Sicily tour. Full itinerary at Contact me me here or at AllisonScola@experiencesicily.Com for more details.

Southern Secrets, Day 3: The Secret Coast South of Amalfi

Live from Italy! Day 3 of Experience Sicily and Feast on History Southern Secrets tour. With Danielle Oteri in the lead, we explored the breathtaking towns of the Cilento Coast including Capaccio, the UNESCO recognized Castellabate, Santa Maria di Castellabate, and Agropoli. We enjoyed a joyful swim in the sea with the locals. We delighted…

Day 10 of Experience Sicily Myths & Mysteries of Sicily: As Above/So Below | Vibrant Palermo

Live from Sicily! Day 10 of Experience Sicily Myths & Mysteries of Sicily: As Above/So Below. Palermo embraced us with its outstanding archeological museum, savory street food, vibrant culture, and profound history. Monreale Cathedral dazzled! Our local guides Sergio and Jacqueline flooded us with information as their passion for Palermo flowed freely.