Cry For Me Siracusa

Live from Sicily! We had a glorious weather in Siracusa today. Our clients were full of questions about ancient history as well as modern. One of the more fascinating modern stories about Siracusa is this church, or should I say, this upside down ice cream cone, pictured from this morning! It is the Santuario della…

The Light Of The World In Cefalù Cathedral

Santissimo Salvatore della Trasfigurazione (also known as Christ Pantocrator) anchors the apse of the UNESCO recognized cathedral, or duomo, of Cefalù. Boasting a remarkable Byzantine-style mosaic of Christ Pantocrator (pictured), the cathedral was commissioned in 1131 by the visionary Norman King Roger II after his ship found refuge on this spot during a harrowing storm….

Sicily’s Patron, Saint Joseph

Viva San Giuseppe! Happy Saint Joseph’s Day! (Altar of Saint Joseph photographed in my grandfather’s home village, Porticello, Sicily.) REGISTER TODAY for our Experience Sicily luncheon Cacio e Vino on Sunday, March 24. Details at: