Holy Week in Sicily

This week is Holy Week or “La settimana santa.” In Sicily, towns celebrate various sacred rites each day, the height of which are practiced on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. The region’s Spanish cultural roots are most apparent through these traditions. 

Renowned is the Processione dei Misteri, or Procession of the Mysteries in Trapani. On Good Friday, devotees crowd the streets as the city’s confraternities take responsibility for 20 different statue-scenes that depict the Stations of the Cross. They are supported by local wind bands whose music helps them “dance” the very heavy, priceless statues for 24 hours through the city’s streets. It’s a tradition they’ve practiced for about 400 years. In 2015, I was fortunate to witness it. This week, I’ll be sharing photos from that memorable experience.

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  1. The sound of clappers is still vividly remembered!

    1. Oh yes! That is a good reminder to me. I forgot about that (How could I?). The illustration of team work and community was beautiful and inspirational.

  2. And today’s blog… Thanks to you!

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