Holy Week in Sicily: Enna

Holy week, the week between Palm Sunday (this coming Sunday) and Easter, is a solemn, yet exciting time in Sicily. Last year, I featured the events in Trapani for “I Misteri,” the city’s magnificent Good Friday procession. This year, I’m going to feature photos taken in Enna by my cousin Filippo Buttitta, like this one…

Holy Week in Sicily

This week is Holy Week or “La settimana santa.” In Sicily, towns celebrate various sacred rites each day, the height of which are practiced on Holy Thursday and Good Friday. The region’s Spanish cultural roots are most apparent through these traditions.  Renowned is the Processione dei Misteri, or Procession of the Mysteries in Trapani. On…

Happy Easter!

Because the statue-scenes from Trapani’s Procession of the Mysteries (that represent the Stations of the Cross) are so emotive and powerful, I thought I’d include today a close-up of one that captures the sentiment of this season. Happy Easter!

Trapani’s Procession of the Mysteries

Holy Week in Sicily is remarkable. Countless towns observe la Settimana Santa with solemn processions and rituals. The region’s Spanish cultural roots are most apparent during these passionate practices. Last year’s Good Friday, observed today in 2016, I was fortunate enough to be in Trapani, where I took this photo of the unforgettable Processione dei…

The Mysteries of Good Friday

Yesterday in Trapani I witnessed the Mysteries, or I Misteri. Local confraternities representing different professions carry these centuries-old statue-scenes depicting the stations of the cross. Marching bands accompany the scenes playing dirges and the confraternities and bands sway in sync. It is beautiful and sad and full of emotions! A beautiful scene!