Peas in a Pod


Fava beans at Catania’s open-air market (In season, spring 2015).

5 thoughts on “Peas in a Pod

      • Of course I remember Alfalfa’s in Denver. Now there’s one really great Alfalfa’s left – in Boulder at Broadway and Arapahoe near the Dushanbe Tea House. Alfalfa’s bought out by Wild Oats (still felt like Alfalfa’s) then Wild Oats bought out by Whole Foods – aka Whole Paycheck with this super-corporate feel to it. But Boulder hung on to Alfalfa’s – yay! First, I didn’t know you lived in Denver (what neighborhood, streets, whatever?) – pretty cool. And you still order from Alfalfa’s? That is awesome. I’ll have to take the bus to Boulder (hate driving anymore) and the bus passes right by it. Yay, you!!! 🙂

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  1. Yes, my brother went to DU and lived in Denver for many years… I lived out there for 4 months to spend time with him after I graduated from college. Ogden Street, right near the Hungarian monument. We don’t have Alfalfa’s here in NYC, but Fresh Direct, an online grocery is… and they deliver to my 5th floor walk-up, and well, everything is very fresh! I loved Alfalfa’s and Wild Oats too…. this story of these two home-grown, local health food stores tells a lot about how much this country has changed in 20 years. I love Boulder too. I’ll be back out again some time… my brother lives in Singapore now, but still owns a house in Denver. 🙂

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  2. I know exactly where you’re describing. I’ve always like that small but significant and lovely park with the Hungarian monument. And Ogden Street is oddly one of my favorite streets around Washington Park. I was living near Wash Park at the same time you describe – small world! 🙂

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