We Slept Here

Between me and my cousins in Sicily — that is, my Experience Sicily colleagues — we work diligently to research, inspect in-person, and whenever possible, sleep at the accommodations that we hand-pick for our clients. Whether you are traveling with us as part of a small-group, multi-sensory tour, or we are designing a custom itinerary for you and your loved ones, we match you with the region’s most comfortable, breathtaking, and hospitable, characteristic inns and hotels in order to delight you.

No need to read dozens of reviews by strangers on the Internet! When you travel with Experience Sicily, we take the guessing out of where to stay because we’ve been there, and as a result we know you will love it.

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  1. Claire walsh says:

    I am so confident that my upcoming tour will be everything I hope it will be. Your reviews are evidence of that!

    1. Our aim is to delight you!

  2. The best recommendation ever! I love the view of that walk bounded by encroaching trees!

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