Location, Location, Location 

She was at the center of the ancient western world. And today, Sicily’s position and affiliations are strategically essential.

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  1. I love looking at maps. And in fact had recently looked up the map of a country in the Mediterranean area, it may have been Serbia or Albania. That’s when I saw how close to Sicily they were. I wonder how Sicily stays off the sites of refugees – I know it’s quite a bit farther than Turkey or Greece, but… Let’s hope it stays its peaceful self.

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    1. Sicily receives hundreds of refugees each week. They are processed and taken care of by the Italians who see it as their duty to help them. Most move on to Northern Europe, however because there is more work there.


  2. That makes sense that Siciliy does receive refugees – and a lot of them. I’m glad to hear that the Italians help them – one of the more humane countries in the world!

    I just looked at my email inbox and saw that you looked at my many comments and responded – what a welcome sight! And something to look forward to – a few more this evening after my shower and then tomorrow! Thank you, sweet Allison! ❤

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