Be Enchanted by Sicily in September 2017

We’re thrilled to announce Enchanting Sicily, our September 14-28, 2017 tour. During Enchanting Sicily, our group of less than 12 guests will discover the region’s hidden corners, interact with locals, immerse ourselves in Sicilian culture and history, and explore UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Valley of the Temples, the Roman Villa of Casale, Mount Etna, the Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto, and the Arab-Norman gems of Palermo. We’ll wander through charming historic centers such as Erice (where you’ll see the mother church pictured), Taormina, and Ortigia, and we’ll relish long meals in traditional trattorias and savor the bouquets of local vintages. Our accommodations are family-run inns and elegant hotels. Our companions are local, licensed guides, expert drivers, and my Sicilian cousins. This experiential, multi-sensory tour is designed for the traveler who wants to delight in every minute with a hands-on cooking class, an olive orchard and vineyard tour, live music performances, intellectual discussions about Sicily’s past, present, and future, and so much more! Learn more about Enchanting Sicily at

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  1. I’m sold! You write great descriptions of your travels and this one sounds packed with delight and joy and fun. You are working hard on your 2017 tours now, I see. Three already on the list! Yay!!!

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that others will be equally delighted!

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