Early Bronze Age Sicily


From the Museo Archeologico Paolo Orsi in Siracusa, this door slab with carved spiral, anthropomorphic motifs is from the early Bronze Age. It’s dated to be from sometime between the 22nd and 15th century B.C. and was collected from a tomb in Castelluccio, an archaeological area between Noto and Palazzolo Acreida in southeastern Sicily. Yes, yes … it’s not just you … scholars believe it to be a “diagrammatic representation of the sexual act.”

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  1. That’s incredibly old!!! From the 22nd to 15th century…BC? My goodness. And still they’re were thinking about sex. Maybe instead of saying “that’s older than dirt” to refer to something really old (in 21st century AD time), we really should be saying “that’s older than sex!” 🙂 ….just couldn’t help myself *chortle*

    1. Yeah, I wanted to say… the oldest hobby! They say this was the door of a tomb; I wonder, it could have been the door of a brothel. In Pompeii, this stuff was all over the place (you can see it in the archaeological museum in Naples.)

  2. Now a door to a brothel – I could see that! You know, I never knew Italy – & Sicily – had so much archaelological treasure. You’re my personal guide, of course – and I think you should mention that if you take your “turistas” to this so-called tomb!

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