Together We Won’t Forget


Today we remember antimafia magistrates Paolo Borsellino (Jan. 19, 1940 – July 19, 1992) and Giovanni Falcone (May 18, 1939 – May 23, 1992).

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  1. Interesting commentary. I have an Italian-heritage friend who travels with her work and she says the Mafia is really getting pushed back in Sicilian business. True?

    1. Yes, there have been many arrests in recent years and Sicilians are standing up against it as much as they can. 1992 was a turning point. But it’s still a major issue and a disease that cripples progress in the region. Not something to glamourize.

      1. No, certainly not glamorous. I feel like we have our own type of mafia in the U.S. – the wealthy 1%-ers who control almost all the wealth and anything connected to it, greatly to the detriment of the struggling middle class and lowest-income group. I’m glad there’s progress in Sicily, though.

      2. Yes, then there is that! Different, but very real.

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