Together We Won’t Forget


Today we remember antimafia magistrates Paolo Borsellino (Jan. 19, 1940 – July 19, 1992) and Giovanni Falcone (May 18, 1939 – May 23, 1992).

4 thoughts on “Together We Won’t Forget

    • Yes, there have been many arrests in recent years and Sicilians are standing up against it as much as they can. 1992 was a turning point. But it’s still a major issue and a disease that cripples progress in the region. Not something to glamourize.


      • No, certainly not glamorous. I feel like we have our own type of mafia in the U.S. – the wealthy 1%-ers who control almost all the wealth and anything connected to it, greatly to the detriment of the struggling middle class and lowest-income group. I’m glad there’s progress in Sicily, though.

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