Temple of Harmony


The magnificent Temple of Concordia is named for a Latin inscription that was found on a dedication marker unearthed in the vicinity of the Valley of the Temples archaeological site–i.e., a marker not associated with the temple; however spirited archaeologists took the text on the marker that said something to the effect of “dedicated to the harmony of the people of Agrigento.” It’s a beautiful sentiment knowing the conflicts ancient Greeks experienced with their Carthaginian neighbors and eventual Roman conquerors. The Doric-style building was erected between 440-430 BC. At the end of the 6th century AD, it was consecrated by the Christian Church–an effort to clean it of pagan demons–in the name of Saints Peter and Paul. As a result, the ancient temple was transformed into a Byzantine-style basilica.

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  1. I like the picture, but more than that I like the story of this Temple of Concordia. What better thing to be reminded of this day, and every day, about our need for harmony. <3

    1. Yes, that’s what I had in mind Dana!

  2. I kinda got that feeling, Allison. It was a perfect symbol of what you had in mind and felt.

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