Finding Their Roots in Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily

“Thank you Allison. This experience has totally changed us forever. Rosa [our guide] is truly amazing and what she accomplished for us has touched our hearts ♥ forever, ” wrote our Experience Sicily clients today after their visit to their ancestral town of Palazzolo Acreide. This was thrilling to hear! Lena obtained official birth certificates of her father and grandparents. At the church where her parents were married, the priest showed her and her children, Carole and John (along with their spouses), the official marriage record of their grandparents. They went to the town cemetery where they located graves of ancestors. And most importantly, they met ten cousins who live in Palazzolo Acreide.

Our guide Rosa described the day as emotional and fantastic. In fact, the joy of reconnecting instigated a plan for a family pizza party on Thursday when even more cousins will join in this exciting discovery! Life-changing for sure!

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  1. Denise Di Stefano says:

    My Grandfather, Enrico was from here, and immigrated to Brooklyn, NY, after going through Ellis Island, he then brought over my Grandmother Lauretta, her family was from Ragusa.

    1. Allison Scola says:

      Beautiful family history! A wonderful place to have roots!

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