Start The Day With Dessert

LIVE Day 2: Experience Sicily 2018 Stirring Sicily East tour with Zest! (Lititz, PA) and Chef Nino Elia in Modica, Sicily… Today, we were with loveSicily, where in our cooking class, we learned about the centuries-old traditions of chocolate making specific to Modica. How awesome to start the day with dessert!

Drink Sicily 

Experience Sicily’s Evelina Buttitta and her husband toured Abbazia Santa Anastasia cantina in the Madonie Mountains today. She said it was, “Bellissimo.” Sicily has a robust wine production industry. For your visit to the region, we can organize tastings and tours of vineyards throughout the island, so you can “drink Sicily” too! 

Keep Your Eyes on Sicilian Wines

Starting on Friday, Oct. 21, the Sudest Wine Fest a Siracusa takes place in Ortigia. Within the charming setting of the Antico Mercato di Ortigia, cooking demos, street food offerings, theater presentations, jazz music performances will please attendees, and of course, wine tastings will take center stage. I can only hope that the spectacular wines…

Sicily’s Wines: Taste for Yourself

In recent years, Sicily has attracted the interest of serious wine connoisseurs. And with good reason: its terroir offers rich, volcanic soil, many grape varieties, numerous microclimates, and multiple generations of vines. Combine that with a new generation of vintners, and that equates to fantastic wines. You may be familiar with Nero d’Avola, Marsala, Grillo,…

Vino on Etna

I am boarding my plane to Palermo from JFK right now! On my list of things to see and do in Sicily this visit is to meet with an enologist on Mount Etna who will be leading our group on Day 9 of September’s Enchanting Sicily small-group tour at a vineyard, just like this one… …