Meet Me at the Enoteca

An enoteca is a wine shop, where one samples wine that is served with the intention that you’ll purchase a few bottles. Often light snacks are served with the wine. This enoteca pictured is at Planeta’s Ulmo winery in Sambuca di Sicilia. Cin Cin!

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  1. Love to visit Planeta’s one day!

    1. Planeta has vineyards throughout the island. I have been to Ulmo and stayed at La Forestiera (It’s exquisite!) in Menfi… and we’ve had clients stay at their new Palermo residence inn. The hospitality is wonderful. Other clients of mine have been to two of their other vineyards: one on Etna and one near Siracusa/Noto. Both raved about them.

      1. Envious! I must visit and stay!!

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