Day 3: Stirring Sicily East Live

LIVE Day 3: Experience Sicily’s Stirring Sicily East tour with Zest! (of Lititz, Penn.) and Chef Nino Elia.

There are many ways to travel. The first word is to have an open heart. The second, is to travel through a passion you possess. Today, during our cooking and wine tour, led by local mamma Alessia of Smile and Food, we tasted local products in Ortigia’s Mercato Antico, where we witnessed a typical Saturday. Afterwards, we entered a palazzo, where, in its kitchen, through a hands-on cooking experience, we made rice balls (arancini) and stuffed saber fish (involtini), and we learned the art of peeling a prickly pear (fichi d’india)–just like Alessia’s grandma taught her.

These seemingly normal activities are inspirational for us travelers, who are keen to experience Sicily through the eyes of Sicilians.

Join us next year, for Stirring Sicily West, and you can too!

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