Day 1: Stirring Sicily East Live

LIVE Day 1: Experience Sicily’s Stirring Sicily East 2018 with Zest! (Lititz, Penn.) and Chef Nino Elia …

Those who took Air Italy to arrive at Catania, Sicily arrived on time and happy. Those who took a German airline with missed connections needed to go shopping due to lost luggage! But in that, there is an opportunity!

This evening, I took two of our guests into Carlentini, near where we are staying, for a shopping excursion. Roberto took great care of John to find some beautiful pants and shirts to wear until his bags arrive. Roberto was a master–all he needed to do was look at John, and he guessed his sizes and picked out beautiful new threads! John was feeling quite stylish! After the men’s store, we went to the linens store for socks and underwear. I translated. Mission accomplished. We were superstars in the piazza (“Who are these strangers?” The locals whispered), and then off to our Welcome Dinner we went!

Tomorrow, we get cooking in Sicily!


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