Keep Your Eyes on Sicilian Wines

Starting on Friday, Oct. 21, the Sudest Wine Fest a Siracusa takes place in Ortigia. Within the charming setting of the Antico Mercato di Ortigia, cooking demos, street food offerings, theater presentations, jazz music performances will please attendees, and of course, wine tastings will take center stage. I can only hope that the spectacular wines of Arianna Occhipinti, like this Nero d’Avola and Frappato mix that we drank in Palermo during Savoring Sicily, will be offered. 

And even if you are not in Siracusa, if you have an opportunity to enjoy the craftsmanship and complexity of the wines coming out of southeastern Sicily (the most famous of which is Nero d’Avola), I encourage you to seek them out. Over the past 15-20 years, Sicily’s wine makers from Alcamo to Etna to the Val di Noto have been creating something surprisingly special. After trying different makers from around the region just about every day for three weeks, I can attest to what’s being discussed at length in the wine world: It’s an exciting time for Sicily’s eno-culture. 

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