Antique Pasta Shop in Sicily

I ate fresh cavatelli pasta made at the “pastaru” (Sicilian for pasta maker or pasta seller) during last year’s Presepe Vivente in Licodia Eubea. Le signore hosting this scene were working hard to feed us hungry guests as we walked through the recreation of their ancient village. You’ll learn how to make fresh cavatelli pasta…

Cooking In Agrigento Province | Stirring Sicily, Day 5

Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily Tour | Day 5 We learned and laughed with Annalisa of GoSicily Cooking Experience during an outstanding cooking class, making fresh Cavatelli pasta, chicken cacciatora, and biancomangiare with almonds. Then we stood in awe of Valley of the Temples with our guide Salvatore while the sun lit the magnificent site. Fortunately…

Ridge Over Common Forchetta

Cavatelli pasta–a fresh pasta from Sicily–is formed with ridges using your thumb and a fork. Give it a try with Experience Sicily and GoSicily this September 15-22 during our Stirring Sicily trip in conjunction with Zest! Thanks to GoSicily and Gelsomino Imports for another fantastic event today!

Stuffed Sardines Siciliana

Sarde a beccafico, or stuffed sardines, is arguably my favorite “secondo,” or second dish. Tonight at Zest!, GoSicily: Sicilian Cooking Experience’s Annalisa Pompeo taught us how to make this signature Sicilian recipe. With assistance from beloved teacher Nino Elia, we learned how to make the stuffing mixture, prepare the fresh sardines, and fry them up….

Passing on Love

As we were reminded yesterday by Annalisa of GoSicily, Sicilian Cooking Experience, the traditions of food preparation and recipes are passed from one generation to the next. Grandmothers to mothers to daughters and sons… Here, Cacio e Vino’s owner, Giusto Priola, is showing one of our New York event’s guests how to make fresh cavatelli…