Grazie! Life In A Remote Sicilian Town

I send sincere thanks to my Life In A Remote Sicilian Town fellow travelers and our hosts in Licodia Eubea. I’ve been on the move since last Monday when we said goodbye. This is my first moment to publicly reflect on what a wonderful experience it was! The people of Licodia Eubea filled our hearts with their generosity and warmth. We broke the ice with a simple Buongiorno (and perhaps an impromptu tarantella in Piazza Garibaldi?) and then our affection for your hometown grew from there. I appreciate too, the joy and sense of humor my fellow travelers brought to our different experiences, from eating lunch in the pouring rain in Siracusa to cheering on Fred as he leaped through the Ragusan wheat field to get just the right photographic angle of the bails of hay!

Thank you to Massimo for taking such good care of us on the curves of eastern Sicily. Thank you to Carmelo for being such a strong local partner. And thank you to our cooking class leaders, outstanding guides, dinner hosts, and everyone we met along the way who made this immersive experience in Sicily so inspirational! May the fresh winds of July reunite us in Piazza Garibaldi again in 2020.

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