Feels Good To Be Home

It feels good to be “home.” When I see Capo Zafferano, pictured, and swim in the sea below, I am in my land. These are the waters where my grandfather fished and swam more than 100 years ago before emigrating to the United States. It’s an amazing feeling to think of him and my grandmother…

Sicily Stirred Us

Our last two days of our Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily East tour were full of cooking, eating, and connecting with Sicilians. Between our personal tour of Zest teacher/chef Nino’s home town, Termini Immerse, and a private concert of Sicilian folk music given by my musician friends here in Casteldaccia, we enjoyed a unique experience. What…

Cannoli By Season

Join me! Cannoli Crawls in New York City October 13 and 27. More at https://experiencesicily.com/events/new-york-cannoli-crawl/ Meanwhile, since I’m currently in Sicily, my cannoli research continues! That means tasting a cannoli at a location I’ve been before, but during September, versus May. This one at La Ruota in Piazza Armerina remains top five! “The season makes…

Start The Day With Dessert

LIVE Day 2: Experience Sicily 2018 Stirring Sicily East tour with Zest! (Lititz, PA) and Chef Nino Elia in Modica, Sicily… Today, we were with loveSicily, where in our cooking class, we learned about the centuries-old traditions of chocolate making specific to Modica. How awesome to start the day with dessert!

Stuffed Sardines Siciliana

Sarde a beccafico, or stuffed sardines, is arguably my favorite “secondo,” or second dish. Tonight at Zest!, GoSicily: Sicilian Cooking Experience’s Annalisa Pompeo taught us how to make this signature Sicilian recipe. With assistance from beloved teacher Nino Elia, we learned how to make the stuffing mixture, prepare the fresh sardines, and fry them up….