Feel Inspired

You bring light to the world when you support artists and small business owners. And you’ll feel inspired when you get upclose to an artist like Mirella Pipia, pictured, in Sicily in her ceramic workshop and boutique. Shop small this weekend, when we are offering a special pricing incentive on our 2018 small-group, multi-sensory tours,…

Sunny Days

Ceramic artist Mirella Pipia of Bagheria will spend time with us on Day 10 of Savoring Sicily, Experience Sicily’s September 22-October 4 small-group tour. We’ll go to her studio where she’ll show us how she creates her inspired designs like this sunny one pictured.  Contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com to be inspired by our slow, boutique tour through…

Fortunate Recipient

This necklace is the creation of two very talented women. The ceramic piece was designed by artist Mirella Pipia in Bagheria. It was intended to be a decorative ornament of some kind, perhaps, for your Christmas tree. In 2014, Barbara Shiller, an American jewelry maker, came with me to Sicily on our September small-group tour….

Meet Mirella

After our recent tour, during my stay in Bagheria, I was fortunate to meet graphic and ceramic artist Mirella Pipia in her beautiful store. I am a great admirer of Mirella’s designs, and thanks to my generous cousins, I’m fortunate to have many pieces decorating my apartment in New York. What a pleasure to have…

Inspired by Crochet

This decorative ceramic plate by artist Mirella Pipia depicts a view of Capo Zafferano from Mongerbino, both near Bagheria. Mirella’s mother, who I’ve met a few times in the shop in Bagheria, crochets. I have a feeling that the details on this plate are inspired by some of her needlework designs.