Sicilian Ceramics By Mirella Pipia

The beautiful ceramics of Mirella Pipia need to be shared! Mirella Pipia hails from Bagheria, where you can visit her workshop and boutique. An artist in every sense of the word, Pipia’s works are inspired by the myths and folklore of Sicily, but even more so by her mother’s needlework in tadding and lace. So these tiles you see, which adorn the walls where I’m currently staying, are inspired by flowers, the colors of Sicily, and the lace, crochet, and tadding that the women around Mirella have always created for diversion and gifts for loved ones.

My grandmother, who was from Bagheria, used to crochet. I wish I learned how to from her. (Sigh.) Perhaps that is why I love these designs so much, because they inherently remind me of my nonna. If you want to watch Mirella paint during your trip in Sicily, let me know, and we can plan it as part of your custom itinerary.

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