Our May 2016 Sicily Tour, Day 12: Artisans Up Close


These are the hands of ceramic artist Mirella Pipia in Bagheria. This is how I like to see Sicily: up close and personal and vibrant. On the final full day of our Experience Sicily with Chef Melissa Muller tour from May 19-31, 2016, we’ll get personal with some artisans in Bagheria, the town where my family lives. And not just with Mirella, who will show us how she creates her splendid designs, but with some others too; however, you’ll have to come with us to find out who we’ve got up our sleeves, because leaving some element of surprise makes your heart beat a little faster (in a good way!). Contact me at AllisonScola@ExperienceSicily.com by 12 noon March 31, 2016 to learn about a significant promotional offer for this tour… and to feel a great sense of adventure. 

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  1. What a beautiful handwork by Mirella. Hey, Allison, I hope you get lots of people to sign up by tomorrow (Mar. 31)!!! Bueno suerte (good luck in Spanish)!!! ❤

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