Fortunate Recipient


This necklace is the creation of two very talented women. The ceramic piece was designed by artist Mirella Pipia in Bagheria. It was intended to be a decorative ornament of some kind, perhaps, for your Christmas tree. In 2014, Barbara Shiller, an American jewelry maker, came with me to Sicily on our September small-group tour. When we visited Mirella Pipia’s store, Barbara bought a number of ceramic pieces of Mirella’s, like the one shown. When she returned home, during the subsequent months, she added her magic talents for beading, color matching, and balance to the ceramic pieces, making them even more beautiful. This piece pictured is one of many she made for friends and loved ones. I was fortunate to be the recipient of it, and now, it is one of my prized necklaces. Thank you Barbara!

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  1. What a beauty! The story of the two artists working “together” is quite lovely. I’ve heard you talk about Mirella’s work here several times. She’s a real dynamo, as is your friend Barbara. <3

    1. I love seeing the talents of two outstanding women brought together too!

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