Enchanting Sicily, Day 14: Tradition Next to Modern


LIVE from Sicily! | For our last day before departure tomorrow, we experienced a mix of modern and tradition. After touring the Baroque Villa Palagonia in Bagheria, we ate contemporary Sicilian cuisine at an award-winning restaurant. Then one of my dreams came true: we met the heir to the Ducato family business – – one of the last Bagherese Sicilian cart painters – – along with one of the keepers of the singing tradition practiced by the cart drivers! More on this encounter in an upcoming post (so cool!). Then, we were fascinated by a demonstration (pictured here) by Bagherese ceramic artist Mirella Pipia in her workshop, where she showed us how she creates her elegant and beautiful designs. Without a doubt, a culturally stimulating day! Now, time to pack (unhappy face). | Enchanting Sicily tour, Day 14.

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