Our Busiate Partè

Grazie mille Giuseppe Sciurca, Valeria Signorino, and Chef Nino Elia with assistance from Bill DiGilio for making today’s Make Busiate Pasta with Giuseppe Sciurca and Biancomangiare with Nino Elia a success! I was too busy cooking, managing, and then eating to take photos (oops!). So, these inspired reports below have been provided by RoseAnn Pusateri-Rowe…

You Can Too

These are the able hands of my husband, Joe, making the typical fresh pasta, busiate, from Trapani. Joe, along with our traveling companion, Fred, made a big beautiful bowl of busiate during our hands-on cooking class in Trapani’s historic center. (I contributed too, but my ringlets weren’t as well-formed around those darn reeds!). You too…

Pasta from Scratch

Here’s a way you can really impress your friends: Invite them over for dinner and in front of their eyes, make pasta from scratch! Furthermore, you can say, “I learned how to do this from a local mamma in Sicily.” Oh, yeeeaaah. That’s right, we’ll spend the evening of Day 4 of Experience Sicily’s September…

Ridge Over Common Forchetta

Cavatelli pasta–a fresh pasta from Sicily–is formed with ridges using your thumb and a fork. Give it a try with Experience Sicily and GoSicily this September 15-22 during our Stirring Sicily trip in conjunction with Zest! Thanks to GoSicily and Gelsomino Imports for another fantastic event today!

Stuffed Sardines Siciliana

Sarde a beccafico, or stuffed sardines, is arguably my favorite “secondo,” or second dish. Tonight at Zest!, GoSicily: Sicilian Cooking Experience’s Annalisa Pompeo taught us how to make this signature Sicilian recipe. With assistance from beloved teacher Nino Elia, we learned how to make the stuffing mixture, prepare the fresh sardines, and fry them up….