Cooking In Agrigento Province | Stirring Sicily, Day 5

Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily Tour | Day 5 We learned and laughed with Annalisa of GoSicily Cooking Experience during an outstanding cooking class, making fresh Cavatelli pasta, chicken cacciatora, and biancomangiare with almonds. Then we stood in awe of Valley of the Temples with our guide Salvatore while the sun lit the magnificent site. Fortunately…

GoSicily In New York City

Making pasta from scratch can be so joyful! Thank you Annalisa Pompeo of GoSicily Sicilian Cooking Experience for bringing some of Sicily along with your talents and knowledge to Cacio e Vino and Experience Sicily in New York City this evening! To meet Annalisa in Sicily, come with us this September 19-26 for Stirring Sicily,…

Hands-on Cooking In Sicily

In September, Chef Giuseppe Sciurca taught us how to make Sarde alla Beccafico (stuffed, fresh sardines) during one of our three cooking experiences of our Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily tour. Next September for Stirring Sicily 2019, we’ll be back in his hometown of Termini Imerese for more cooking in Sicily. Itinerary details at

Sour and Sweet

Caponata, pictured, is to Sicilians as salsa is to Mexicans: you’ll find it on almost every table. It is a cornerstone of Sicilian cuisine, and its agrodolce flavor is a reflection of life in Sicily – – sour and sweet at once. No two caponata recipes are the same. This one, probably the most traditional,…

Cooking in Sicily with A Smile

Tonight with GoSicily, our Experience Sicily Enchanting Sicily group made traditional dishes: caponata, pasta con le sarde, and biancomangiare. You can watch a portion of our class on our Experience Sicily Facebook page, from our live broadcast, from earlier today. See you tomorrow for another broadcast!

Savor the Sauce 

We’ll be getting into the tasty details on September 26 in Sicily. I know you’ll savor the sauce that we’ll make in our hands-on cooking class with Annalisa of GoSicily! Contact me at for the full, 8-day, multi-sensory, small-group tour itinerary (September 23-30, 2017). 

Cooking in Sicily 

After a long day working at the computer, I love entering my kitchen, opening the refrigerator, and pulling out what protein I have and what vegetables are in season, and picking out a pasta to match them. There’s something wonderfully meditative about chopping vegetables, sweeping my wooden spoon through the macaroni, and listening to the…