Perfect Pasta By Giuseppe in Sicily

Last night we had dinner in the hills of Termini Imerese with Chef Giuseppe Sciurca who made this remarkable plate of pasta. Remarkable because it was delicious and the result of an elegant recipe: perfectly al dente spaghetti with a pesto of garlic, mint, zucchini (cucuzza), red pepper flakes, olive oil, salt and pepper. I hope to replicate it, but something tells me that Giuseppe’s craft cannot be totally emulated! He’s a master. Although I’ll try!

Meanwhile, you too can eat his cooking and learn from him this September when I co-host with his buddy from Zest Cooking School, Chef Nino Elia our cooking week in Sicily: Stirring Sicily from September 19-26, here in Palermo province. We’ll stay in the same inn all week and explore western Sicilian cuisines and wines. Contact me to join us to cook in Sicily! Full details at Contact me here or at

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