Sour and Sweet

Caponata, pictured, is to Sicilians as salsa is to Mexicans: you’ll find it on almost every table. It is a cornerstone of Sicilian cuisine, and its agrodolce flavor is a reflection of life in Sicily – – sour and sweet at once. No two caponata recipes are the same. This one, probably the most traditional, is made with eggplant, but I’ve eaten zucchini caponata, red pepper caponata, swordfish caponata, and tuna caponata.

On Day 4 of our May 2018 Myths & Mysteries of Sicily tour, we’ll engage in a hands-on cooking class with a local mamma. Although I don’t know what we’ll make that day, I’ll venture to guess that some kind of caponata will be on the agenda. To experience the sour and the sweet, which makes for a truly savory tour, join us! Reserve by Nov. 1, and you will save up to $400/person. Learn more at

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