Thanking Saint Joseph

CREATE RITUAL LOAVES IN HONOR OF ST. JOSEPH; Sunday, March 11, 11 a.m. at Archestratus Books & Food, Brooklyn; Reserve your spot and more details at

Why I Celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day

Two years ago January, our New York City rent was raised 12%. It was a shock. My husband and I immediately began a search for a new home, one we could buy that we would love. We combined our respective life savings and started our hunt. Sadly, we accepted that we could no longer live in New York City. Self employed and artists, New York was no longer affordable.

During this time, my understanding of Saint Joseph’s significance to Sicilians grew. I learned that as the patron saint of carpenters, he’s who you ask for help in buying and selling your home. For Experience Sicily Saint Joseph’s Day events, I made altars (aiming to emulate the one pictured, from Salemi, Sicily). I realized quickly that the creation of these artistic bread loaves definitely was a meditation, and when your heart goes into the art, it felt like an act of prayer. As I molded wreaths, ladders, nails, beards, flowers, and grapes, part of my silent prayers were to find an apartment we would love–that offered us something refreshing if we couldn’t be in the city we loved.

Well, as I write, I’m in that new home that looks out at green trees and is accompanied by birds’ songs (even during these cold days!). And it’s very close to the City. Here just two months, we still have a lot of settling in to do, but I know that Saint Joseph is supporting me and my husband–Joe–as we make this place a home. This year’s feast holds special significance for me, and my bread making will most definitely be an act of prayer and thanksgiving, the true meaning behind the feast.

Join Us

Come make loaves for our community altar for this year’s Festa di San Giuseppe on Sun., March, 11 at 11 a.m. At Archestratus Books and Food.

Then CELEBRATE ST. JOSEPH’S DAY; Sunday, March 18, 2 p.m. at Cacio e Vino, 80 2nd Avenue, New York City; Reserve your spot and more details at

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