Southern Secret #2: Watch the Sunset Over Capri During Dinner

WRITTEN by GUEST, Danielle Oteri of Feast on History | This is where our journey, Southern Italy for Southern Secrets: Campania and Sicily’s Hidden Corners (June 29 – July 8, 2018), really begins: Each detail at Borgo La Pietraia and every bite of food we’ll enjoy has been carefully designed to tell the story of Campania, a region where 3,000 years is not considered a very long time. The stone walls, such as this one pictured, were quarried from just below the property, each one a geological pageant. In front of you, watch the sun setting over Capri during dinner, the same water where Odysseus encountered the Sirens.

Imagine yourself here! Join me and Allison Scola of Experience Sicily for our insider’s tour of Southern Italy and Sicily!


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