Now Is The Thyme

It’s time to spice up your life! Come with me this September to Sicily. We have three different multi-sensory itineraries from which to choose! 

Splendid Sicily, for professional women and gentlemen

Stirring Sicily, for home cooks who want to learn from the locals  

Enchanting Sicily (In 2 Parts!), a grand tour of the region that can be enjoyed for 15 days or 7 days, West or East  

The Mercato Antico in Ortigia will stimulate your senses with sage (salvia), wild fennel seeds (finocchio selvatico), paprika, marjoram (maggiorana siciliana), thyme (timo siciliano), sesame (sesamo), organic almonds from Avola (mandorla naturale di Avola), and DOP recognized pistachios from Bronte.

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