Cheers for Sicilian Beer! 

After you have your Thanksgiving turkey on Thursday, if you want to feast more, you could get on a plane and head to Catania, Sicily for the 2016 Food & Wine Expo occurring this coming weekend, Nov. 26-28. Importantly, however, is that running alongside it from Nov. 25-27 is BeerCatania, an artisanal beer festival. “Beer?” you ask. Yes, beer! Sicily has some local, artisanal brews like this one pictured from Catania, Timilia Sicilian Strong Ale. The brew is made with water, barley malt, Timilia grain (a rare, Sicilian, hard durum wheat), hops and yeast. It has an infusion of honey from lemon blossoms, which all translates to a bouquet of malt and biscotti. We enjoyed some at lunch in San Vito Lo Capo in May. It was refreshing and enjoyable… so much so that if I wasn’t occupied with preparing our 2017 boutique, small-group tour itineraries, I would be very tempted to head to the airport. 


3 thoughts on “Cheers for Sicilian Beer! 

  1. I think that description of the Timillian ale would make any craft beer lover want to head right over to Sicily to check it out! I can’t drink alcohol but if I’m around someone who’s drinking a beer (a good one!) I always ask for a sip – that really turns into a gulp. I would never guess, in Sicily. 🙂

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