Saint Joseph’s Day: Bread Loaves of Devotion


Most prominent element of the altars for Saint Joseph, or le tavolate di San Giuseppe, are the sculpted loaves of bread that represent fertility and prosperity.

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  1. That bread looks stunning! Did they have a pattern to press it into, or did they sculpt it by hand? Either way, it’s a work of art. Looks like it’s signed by GB.

    1. It’s mostly sculpted by hand. They use tools like knives and spoons and other pastry instruments to create some of the indents and shapes, but no, no form! It’s an act of prayer to show their devotion and express thanksgiving. A beautiful practice!

  2. Wow! I remember you wrote it was an act of prayer, so of course they make it by hand. Uh-oh, now I want to live in Sicily. I pick up romance languages very easily. <3

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