Sip and Savor 

Slowly savor Sicilian wines during your first evening in Sicily with a wine tasting and dinner pairing … Experience it on September 23 … Contact me at for the full, 8-day, small-group, multi-sensory tour itinerary. 

Sicily’s Wines: Taste for Yourself

In recent years, Sicily has attracted the interest of serious wine connoisseurs. And with good reason: its terroir offers rich, volcanic soil, many grape varieties, numerous microclimates, and multiple generations of vines. Combine that with a new generation of vintners, and that equates to fantastic wines. You may be familiar with Nero d’Avola, Marsala, Grillo,…

High Tech Vintage

Once wine grapes are harvested and pressed, the juice is brought here to begin the fermentation process. Today, wine making is very high tech. The wood barrels are still important, but they come later. First, however, stainless steel, temperature controlled, light controlled, and closely monitored containers create the liquid that becomes the wine we love….

Back to School

I learned so much about wine today from Etna Wine School’s Benjamin Spencer. Together we visited Vivera Winery on Etna, where the founder’s son Eugenio gave us a tour and explained their wine-making process. Eugenio was a wonderful host. Benjamin was a joy to meet… Wine is poetry! More about this fabulous day in the…