Best Wishes To Cantina Quattrocieli

Cantina Quattrocieli in Alcamo, Sicily, a winery I visited in September (pictured), reported that they tasted their novello (new wine) for San Martino, and they are happy with the results thus far. For the young wine makers, who are still growing their business and perfecting their craft, this is wonderful news! Bravi e auguri!

Sip and Savor 

Slowly savor Sicilian wines during your first evening in Sicily with a wine tasting and dinner pairing … Experience it on September 23 … Contact me at for the full, 8-day, small-group, multi-sensory tour itinerary. 

Sicily’s Wines: Taste for Yourself

In recent years, Sicily has attracted the interest of serious wine connoisseurs. And with good reason: its terroir offers rich, volcanic soil, many grape varieties, numerous microclimates, and multiple generations of vines. Combine that with a new generation of vintners, and that equates to fantastic wines. You may be familiar with Nero d’Avola, Marsala, Grillo,…