Learn To Make Sicilian Pistachio Pesto And More

The glory of Sicilian cuisine is its simplicity and use of fresh, seasonal ingredients. Pistachio pesto offers you that and more! Your taste buds will dance. You’ll impress your friends. Join me this Saturday for Learn to Make Pistachio Pesto, Cavatelli Pasta, and Sicilian Orange Salad! Register at https://experiencesicily.com/events/online-sicily-events/pistachio-pesto-pasta/

Where The Pistachio Grows

This weekend is the Pistachio Festival in Bronte, a town world renowned for its pistachio cultivation. The mineral-rich lava stone-soil on Mount Etna’s Western slopes, photographed from a pistachio farm I visited with a private, custom tour I led in May, offers fertile environs for the trees to grow.