Let’s Make Pistachio Pesto Together Online

Next Saturday, Learn to Make Pistachio Pesto, Cavatelli Pasta, and Sicilian Orange Salad online!

Pistachio nuts (which are actually seeds) come from a tree that was brought to Italy from Syria during ancient Roman times. The trees, which have the peak production of their fruit at about 20 years of age, like dry climates with salty soil. They thrive in Sicily because of the region’s long, hot summers. There are two areas of Sicily that are known for their pistachio cultivation: Bronte on the western slope of Mount Etna (whose volcanic soil is saline-rich) and the Sicanian Mountains of Agrigento Province (an area renowned for its inland salt deposits), where these pistachios were photographed at the end of May.

The trees, which can live for up to 300 years, have a gender–one male tree can fertilize eight to 12 female trees. The seeds that we eat are produced every other year, and in Sicily, they are harvested in September. Iran and the United States are the world’s leading producers of pistachios. Because Sicilians are very proud of their careful, artisanal pistachio cultivation, the seeds pervade Sicilian cuisine in many forms.

Join me next Saturday when you’ll learn how to make fresh cavatelli pasta with pistachio pesto–and for good measure, a seasonal Sicilian orange salad.

Learn more and register at https://experiencesicily.com/events/online-sicily-events/pistachio-pesto-pasta/

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