Stir in Sicily in September

Get your hands in the dough this September 19-26 during Stirring Sicily, our Experience Sicily hands-on cooking in Sicily tour. Full itinerary at Contact me me here or at AllisonScola@experiencesicily.Com for more details.

Ancient Restaurant Discovered At Himera, Where We’ll Be Cooking

In yesterday’s La Repubblica Palermo newspaper, an article explained that at the site of the ancient Greek city of Himera, they have discovered the 6th Century B.C.E. remains of a caffetteria-style restaurant. Ovens, stoves, pots, pans, and plates have been excavated. I visited Himera and met the director of the site back in June with…

Bring Your Appetite To Sicily

When you go to Sicily, go hungry! The food, like this busiate pasta with tomato and eggplant, is outstanding. One of my objectives is that you’ll eat really well on all of our Experience Sicily tours. All of them. Check our our 2019 tours at

Hands-on Cooking In Sicily

In September, Chef Giuseppe Sciurca taught us how to make Sarde alla Beccafico (stuffed, fresh sardines) during one of our three cooking experiences of our Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily tour. Next September for Stirring Sicily 2019, we’ll be back in his hometown of Termini Imerese for more cooking in Sicily. Itinerary details at

Feels Good To Be Home

It feels good to be “home.” When I see Capo Zafferano, pictured, and swim in the sea below, I am in my land. These are the waters where my grandfather fished and swam more than 100 years ago before emigrating to the United States. It’s an amazing feeling to think of him and my grandmother…