Hands-on Cooking In Sicily

In September, Chef Giuseppe Sciurca taught us how to make Sarde alla Beccafico (stuffed, fresh sardines) during one of our three cooking experiences of our Experience Sicily Stirring Sicily tour. Next September for Stirring Sicily 2019, we’ll be back in his hometown of Termini Imerese for more cooking in Sicily. Itinerary details at https://experiencesicily.com/tours-of-sicily/2019-tours-of-sicily/stirring-sicily-west-sept-2019/

Hands-on Sicily

Visiting the vibrant markets of Sicily is a crash course in Sicilian cuisine, the natural world, and culture all at once. Here, I’m in Il Capo market in Palermo getting a lesson on spatola (or spatula aka silver scabbarfish or lepidopus caudatus) from the fish monger. Spatola is a beautiful silver, long fish found in…

Cooking in Sicily with A Smile

Tonight with GoSicily, our Experience Sicily Enchanting Sicily group made traditional dishes: caponata, pasta con le sarde, and biancomangiare. You can watch a portion of our class on our Experience Sicily Facebook page, from our live broadcast, from earlier today. See you tomorrow for another broadcast!

Cooking Couscous in Sicily

On the second day of our just finished “Secret Sicily” tour, we got our hands dirty while making Trapani-style pesto and fresh busiate pasta (an upcoming post) and this, pictured: Couscous from raw grain! Yes, we practiced the message-style, meditative hand technique that is required to create the proper couscous texture, and we made the…

Cooking in Sicily 

After a long day working at the computer, I love entering my kitchen, opening the refrigerator, and pulling out what protein I have and what vegetables are in season, and picking out a pasta to match them. There’s something wonderfully meditative about chopping vegetables, sweeping my wooden spoon through the macaroni, and listening to the…